Netball Alberta Governance Documents

Netball Alberta has worked tirelessly to develop bylaws, policies, and codes of conduct that ensure transparency, fair treatment and clear expectations of conduct. If you have any questions about the documents below, please email




Bylaws (Updated 2013)


Player Code of Conduct

Coach Code of Conduct

Umpire Code of Conduct


League Withdrawl and Refund Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

Financial Hardship Policy

Harassment and Abuse Policy

Injury and Insurance Procedure

Pregnancy Guidelines

Travel Cost Reimbursement Policy

Uniform Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Concussion Policy


INF Regulations

The International Netball Federation (INF) has carried out a full Corporate Governance Review, the results of this review were presented and ratified by the INF Congress in August 2013. The INF's Regulations are legal documents including administrative and other processes to which INF must adhere in its operations.