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Ellie Maddock Memorial Award 2015

March 27th, 2015

Congratulations Katja, a deserving recipient of the Ellie Maddock Memorial Award.

In 2013, a young member of our netball ‘family’, Ellie Maddock, tragically passed away. Netball Alberta created a trophy in Ellie’s memory, asking her parents what traits they would like to have honored by a recipient of the Ellie Maddock Memorial Trophy. The response was a young talented player with lots of promise, like Ellie.

This year’s recipient of the Ellie Maddock Memorial Trophy came to our organization at the beginning of the 2013 Fall Season, being placed on the Cygnets & Goslings youth development squad. She was an immediate stand-out, exhibiting dedication and eagerness to learn and grow as a netball player.  

At only 15 years of age, Katja showed enough promise to move into the Senior A division in the Fall 2014 season, training on a weekly basis with the intention of trialing for the 2015 Netball Alberta U23 provincial team. During her time in this division, she has travelled as a representative of Netball Alberta to Orlando, Florida to the inaugural Disney Youth Championships where she played exceptionally well as a member of the U16 team. Although our regular 2014-15 season is over, training will continue for Katja as she prepares for participation in the BC Zone Tournament in Barriere in April, and trials for a position on the U23 Alberta squad travelling to Montreal for the 2015 Canadian National Championships in May. 

Katja's dedication is demonstrated in her commitment to fitness training, nutritional awareness, and goal setting. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she can fill even the simplest of drills with fun and excitement. We anticipate that her passion for netball will translate well during her first foray into coaching during the upcoming Junior Spring League, as a role model to inspire more young players to both enjoy, and strive for achievement in netball.

Congratulations, Katja!