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Ellie Maddock Memorial Award 2016

March 20th, 2016

Congratulations to Samantha Zering, this year's deserving recipient of the Ellie Maddock Memorial Award.

In 2013, a young member of our netball ‘family’, Ellie Maddock, tragically passed away. Netball Alberta created a trophy in Ellie’s memory, asking her parents what traits they would like to have honored by a recipient of the Ellie Maddock Memorial Trophy. The response was a young talented player with lots of promise, like Ellie.

This year’s recipient, Samantha Zering, has in recent years progressed quickly through the age group categories, from Junior A, to YDS, and recently to Senior A, displaying a willingness to be challenged more and more.  Her selection to the U23 squad to attend the Western’s tournament last year provided opportunities which she did not waste, and she continues to grow in skill and experience.  Her coach has observed that she speaks with confidence about herself on court, with knowledge about the game, and with grace towards her coach.  

In addition to her talent, Sam displays humble strength, showing kindness and respect to fellow team mates and coaches. These are important attributes that will serve her well, as we are sure that she will continue to represent Alberta, and maybe one day Canada, as she has recently attended the U21 Canadian trials at the youthful age of 15. She is in no doubt, a talented player with lots of promise and deserving of the Ellie Maddock Memorial Trophy.