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2016 Year End Awards Banquet

April 22nd, 2016

2016 Year End Award Banquet

The banquet was held at Telus Spark this year and it was a lovely evening. Great food, interesting exhibit (and I'm not referring to the dancing!), fun costumes and wonderful people.

Check out the gallery HERE!


We want to congratulate the award recipients of the 2015/2016 season:

League and Tournament Awards

Fall League 2015

Senior B

Gold: Roughnecks

Silver:  It's a Secret

Bronze: Scorpions

Senior A   

Gold: Pumas 

Silver: Purple Cobras

Bronze: Wild Roses

Fall Tournament 2015

Senior B

1st Place: Fernie

2nd Place: Roughnecks

3rd Place: Scorpions

Senior A   

1st Place: Purple Cobras

2nd Place: Pumas

Winter League 2016

Senior B

Gold: Dragons

Silver: Chimeras

Bronze: Phoenix

Senior A

Gold: Cobras

Silver: Pumas

Bronze:  Panthers

Winter Tournament 2016

1st Place: Dragons

2nd Place:Phoenix 

Senior A   

1st Place: Pumas

2nd Place: Wild Roses


Senior B Team Awards

Fall 2015 MVP Awards

Chickpeas: Charlotte Waldron

It’s a Secret: Amie Irwin

Ninjas: Dawn Hussey

Roughnecks: Janine Tannahill

Scorpions: Kerri Neumier

Tribal: Louise Aherne

Vivolicious: Karen Thorpe

Wild Cats: Babes Nodwell


Winter 2016 MVP Awards

Chimeras:  Janine Tannahill

Cygnets:  Erika Alabado

Dragons: Kate Aulich

Goslings: Kirianna Park

Griffins:  Dawn Hussey

Hydras: Janique St. Prix

Phoenix: Lucy Park

Winter 2016 Team Choice Awards

Phoenix:  Rachel Sattin               

Dragons:  Crystal Hyatt      

Chimeras: Janine Tannahill

Hydras: Shirley Edwards

Griffins:  Amanda P

Cygnets:  Erika Alabado

Goslings:  Hannah Magotiaux



Senior A Team Awards

Fall 2015 MVP Awards

Gazelles: Shana Hamilton

Grizzlies:  Jessica Young     

Pumas: Sharlee Rose      

Purple Cobras:  Elize Henning

Swifts: Anne Jurgens     

Wild Roses: Jane Muhor

Winter 2016 MVP Awards 

Cobras:  Cochise Misiluti

Grizzlies:Jessica Young

Panthers:  Lee-Anne Millar

Polars: Katja Ward

Pumas:Sharlee Rose

Wild Roses: Jane Muhor

Winter 2016 Team Choice Awards

Cobras:  Deirdrie Zuk

Panthers:  Bridget Johnstone

Pumas: Sharlee Rose

Polars: Michelle Le

Grizzlies:  Jessica Young

Wild Roses: Ren Gargen


Umpires Awards

Fall 2015 Beginner Theory

Erika Alabado                                   

Katherine Bentley

Alexa Calkhoven           

Avery Desrosiers                               

Joanri Duursema                               

Hannah Magotiaux     

Grace Marshall  

Ronika Mclaughlin      

Amanda Neal

Kerri Neumier

Kirianna Park                          

Samantha Zering

Fall 2015 Advanced Practical

Emma Streeter


Coaches Awards


Adele McDonald (August 2015)

Netball Canada Level One Technical Coaching Course
Delivered by: Emma Wilton, Emma Streeter, Stephanie Duursema

Sam Zering

Cristina Vila Dyler

Hannah Magotiaux

Sam Elsom

Jeanne Neumier

Alexa Calkhoven

Jess Young

Michelle Le

Doug Matchett

Erika Alabado

Corey Skyrpnek

Avery Desrosiers

Amanda Neal

Colton Young

Kirianna Park


Best Dressed Awards

Best “Mad Scientist”            (SPARK Admission)

Best “Futuristic”                    (SPARK Admission)

Best dressed team                (Drink Tickets)