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Drumheller Netball Club

April 17th, 2017

Drumheller Netball Club had its last training session and we are finishing the season by entering a team into the first Calgary/Drumheller tournament in Strathmore this Saturday, April 22!

How did we get here? Well, I started breathing life into our little club in the Spring of 2016 with a Demo game led by members of Netball Alberta from Calgary (thanks ladies!) and while the turnout was small, word started to spread as we raised awareness over the summer.

Our first 8 week ‘Intro to Netball’ started September 2016, following a good level of interest at the Fall Expo. Those that came really enjoyed it and brought friends to the next sessions. We decided to run another 8 weeks starting in January. Due to the passion and insistence of our dedicated group, this training session was extended by 5 weeks!

We were so lucky to have Paula MacWilliam come out and spend 2 sessions with us in March. I invited the local senior girls Basketball team to Paula’s first session and they all showed up and got sucked in. This gave us a chance for a ‘proper’ game and gave them an intro to the sport, which none of them had heard of before - we had a blast!

What I love about our netball club is that it’s a fantastic reflection of the diversity in Drumheller. To date we’ve had 8 Canadians, 5 South Africans, 4 Australians, 1 Fijian /Canadian, 1 New Zealander and yours truly, a Brit, join us for training. This number also includes 3 men who have been a great asset to us. Some of us had played back home when we were younger and many of the ‘expats’ expected to play when they first arrived here but were unable to travel to Calgary. Others had never heard of netball until I started ‘gently' introducing them to the game and 'suggesting' they might like to come along or, perhaps more accurately, hassling them until they signed up.

It has been so lovely to see how much progress everyone has made and to discover a whole group of new friends. We’re so excited for the tournament regardless of how we do, because the fact that we’re entering a team is such a thrill!

We’re really thankful to both Drumheller radio stations and the local paper for the stories they’ve done to promote us and to everyone at Netball Alberta for all of the support and help to get us where we are. We’ll be getting together again in the Fall and plan to enter the Calgary Tournaments, so we’ll hopefully see you there!

April Harison
Drumheller Netball Club Coordinator