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End of Junior Spring League 2017

July 5th, 2017

Saturday, June 24th, marked the culmination of eight weeks of growth, team bonding, and skill development that the 103 participants in the Junior Spring League garnered throughout this netball season. Players and parents alike came out to show their competitive side from 12:30-6:30 pm at Southland Leisure Centre, as five Junior A teams and five Junior B teams battled for the tournament title after all their hard work in the weeks prior. The games were exciting and fast paced, especially those in the final week of playoffs and at the tournament, with many of the games being won by a single point. We look forward to seeing all these players back in the Fall after such an exhilarating season.

Not only must we congratulate the players on their tremendous growth over the season, but also that of the coaches involved for rising to the challenge and imparting your wisdom on our netball youth. We couldn’t do it without you! Special thanks to Emma Wilton for her tireless commitment to aiding the coaches in their development this season. We must mention those parents that continually volunteered to score keep and take on additional duties every Sunday. Your help does not go unnoticed.

The standings for the league and tournament are as follows:

League Results

Junior A Junior B
1st Firebirds 1st Jets
2nd Mystics  2nd Thunder
3rd Swifts 3rd Mavericks
4th Thunderbirds 4th Dragons
5th Flyers 5th Storm
6th Magic 6th Lightning








Shooting Results

Throughout the season, we held shooting relays and tallied the total goals scored by each team for a second prize to be awarded to the team with the most cumulative goals at the end of the season.

Junior A   Junior B  
Firebirds   Dragons  




Tournament Results

Junior A Junior B
1st Firebirds 1st Jets
2nd Magic 2nd Dragons
3rd Thunderbirds 3rd Thunder
4th Swifts 4th Mavericks
5th Flyers 5th Storm







Thanks for a wonderful season!