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First NETS Delivery!

November 10th, 2014

Netball Alberta is grateful to have received an Amateur Sport Grant from Parks Foundation Calgary in order to facilitate our goal of increasing participation of netball within Alberta through the introduction of netball into the school curriculum, by providing netball equipment packages to 14 schools across the province. Upon delivery and following a teacher informational session, the use will be monitored by Netball Alberta to encourage participation in netball activities at the school, fostering an extended unit in the curriculum, intra-murals, and inter-school tournaments. We chose to term this program NETS, which stands for “Netball Equipment to Schools.” We have already selected 9 schools across the province to participate in the program and hope to further expand our participants to include more cities outside of Calgary.

Netball Alberta is happy to announce that the first delivery of NETS equipment took place on Monday November 10th, 2014 at Monsignor Neville Anderson School in the NW quadrant of Calgary. Their assistant principal Debra Tapping greeted us and has big plans for netball within their elementary school, boasting a month-long unit in addition to intramurals.