Netball Alberta Player Code of Conduct


  • Play fairly, be competitive but not aggressive.
  • During play do not question the decisions made by the umpires either by gesture, look, verbally or by commenting to another player.
  • Give the ball promptly to opponents for throw-ins, penalty shots, free passes, penalty passes etc.
  • Ensure you are in the correct position indicated by the umpire when penalties are set.
  • Maintain your self control at all times and do not retaliate.
  • Do not use obscene language at any time.
  • Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously.  You are representing your Team/Club/Province who will be judged on your behaviour.
  • Shake hands with your opponent at the end of the game.
  • Team Captains - a representative from the team should always thank the umpires and officials bench for officiating your game.

Players will be liable to disciplinary action if they have committed any breach of this Code of Conduct or have failed to comply with any guidelines issued by NA.

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