Get Qualified as an Umpire

There are four umpiring levels in Canada: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Canada Badge.






There are two parts of becoming qualified to umpire:


This is a closed book written test that is completed for all levels. Various Umpiring Resources are available for download, below you can access the useful resources available for all levels of umpiring.




Practical - Criteria to Pass

Protocols and Techniques

Practical - Criteria to Pass

Protocols and Techniques

The Advantage Rule

Practical - Criteria to Pass

The Advantage Rule

New Rule Changes Jan 2016

IFNA Training Recommendations for International Umpires March 2012

IFNA Protocols for Umpires Jan 2016


All umpires are also assessed on their practical knowledge.  Umpires that wish to go to the next level will have their game assessed by the appropriate umpire. View the Evaluation Form that will be used during practical assessments.

Other Resources for Umpires

Umpiring Skills Progression

What to Call Beginners On

IFNA Bench Officials Manual & Umpire Protocols

Coinciding with the revised Rules of Netball which were applied from 1st January 2012, IFNA has released two documents to help guide the work of Match Officials, including both Bench Officials and Umpires.

Check out the new IFNA Bench Officials Manual & Umpire Protocols online.



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